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Struggling with tax issues? LeBeau & Associates CPAs offer expert Boise tax resolution services to help you resolve IRS problems and regain financial stability.

With our deep expertise and commitment to personalized service, we are your trusted partner in navigating complex tax challenges. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Common Tax Problems We Solve

Unpaid Taxes
Unpaid taxes can lead to severe penalties and interest charges. Our team helps you understand your obligations and negotiate with the IRS to reduce or eliminate your debt.

Tax Liens
A tax lien can affect your credit and ability to secure loans. We work diligently to remove tax liens and restore your financial standing.

Wage Garnishments
Wage garnishments can be a significant financial burden. We assist in stopping or reducing garnishments through effective negotiation with the IRS.

IRS Audits
Facing an IRS audit can be intimidating. Our experienced professionals represent you during the audit process, ensuring compliance and minimizing potential penalties.

Tax Penalties Tax penalties can quickly accumulate, increasing your debt. We help reduce or eliminate penalties through various IRS programs and negotiation tactics.

Experience and Specialization

Years of Experience:

Look for a CPA with a substantial track record. With over three decades of experience, LeBeau & Associates CPAs has honed the expertise necessary to handle a wide range of financial matters.

Area of Specialization:

If you need specialized services, such as IRS representation, ensure that the CPA has a proven history in that area. Our Boise tax resolution firm specializes in IRS representation, alongside offering comprehensive services like tax preparation, planning, and bookkeeping.

Make sure the firm you choose has real experience in your desired areas. You do not want tax professionals learning as they go, with you as a guinea pig!


Credentials and Qualifications

Ensure that the CPA you choose is licensed and holds relevant qualifications. Membership in professional bodies like the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) is also a good indicator of professionalism and commitment to ethical standards.

Please note: If you are in search of IRS tax relief the person you hire to represent you MUST be either a CPA, Enrolled Agent, or Attorney.

LeBeau & Associates CPAs is a member of the following groups:

Local Knowledge

A CPA with local knowledge of Boise can be invaluable. They are more likely to be familiar with state-specific tax laws and regulations, which is crucial for accurate and efficient tax planning and preparation.

Reputation and Reviews

Research the reputation of the Boise tax resolution firm you are considering. Look for client testimonials, online reviews, and ask for references. A firm like LeBeau & Associates CPAs, with a long-standing positive reputation in Treasure Valley, can offer peace of mind and assurance of quality service.

Personalized Service

Your financial situation is unique, and so should be the service you receive. Opt for a CPA who offers personalized service, taking the time to understand your specific financial goals and challenges.

Avoid CPA firms where you are just another number.

Communication and Availability

Effective communication is key. Choose a Boise tax resolution who is readily available, responsive, and willing to explain complex financial concepts in understandable terms. Regular updates and meetings should be a part of their service offering.


Selecting the right Boise CPA is a decision that should be made with careful consideration of the factors mentioned above.

LeBeau & Associates CPAs embodies these qualities, bringing over 33 years of experience, specialization in IRS representation, and a commitment to personalized service.

We understand the intricacies of tax laws and financial planning specific to Treasure Valley, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible advice and service.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, click the button below! Trust LeBeau & Associates CPAs to be your guide and partner in navigating your financial journey.

EA - Bob Jablonsky, EA - Enrolled Agent, IRS Certified
ASTPS - Bob Jablonsky, EA, member of American Society of Tax Problem Solvers
NATP - Bob Jablonsky, EA, Member of National Association of Tax Professionals