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Navigating the world of taxes can sometimes feel like being lost in a maze – confusing, overwhelming, and fraught with pitfalls. You may be facing a stack of unfiled tax returns, a notice of a tax lien or levy, or you may be wrestling with back taxes that seem to grow larger with each passing day. You’re not alone. Many people grapple with similar issues, feeling the weight of these problems growing heavier over time. But it’s crucial to remember that tax problems aren’t unsolvable riddles; rather, they’re challenges that can be overcome.

Whether you’re an individual trying to make sense of your personal tax obligations or a business owner grappling with the complexities of payroll taxes and deductions, there is a way forward. With the right advice, resources, and, in many cases, professional help, you can resolve your tax problems and regain your peace of mind.

We understand that this can be a stressful time, but keep in mind that the sooner you address the issue, the quicker you can resolve it and alleviate the stress it’s causing. Whatever your tax problem is, rest assured tax relief is possible. On this page, we’ll guide you through some common tax problems and potential solutions, with the goal of helping you find that path and begin your journey towards financial stability and tax compliance.

The IRS was coming after our client John for $83,987 that he couldn’t afford to pay. We evaluated his case and determined he was eligible for an Offer in Compromise (OIC). In the end the IRS Accepted an offer of $26,208!

John O. | Saved 69% (OIC)

William was struggling with an IRS problem. They claimed he owed $68,078 which he simply did not have! He called LeBeau & Associates CPAs where the team took over his case. In the end we filed an Offer in Compromise of just $4,704, and it was accepted!

William | Saved 93% (OIC)

“Great service, solved all of my issues quickly and explained everything in very easy to understand terms. They took all the pressure off of me to get this resolved. They also dealt with the IRS for me quickly and set up very reaonable payments with the IRS.”

Mike | IRS Payment Plan

Unlike most other Idaho tax firms we specialize in Tax Relief.

You’re not hiring someone who occasionally dabbles in this area of practice. You’re hiring someone who is specially trained and up to date on all the latest tax relief strategies. We are fully prepared to achieve the best result for you.

If you were going through a divorce would you hire a bankruptcy attorney? Of course not, it’s a different specialty! Don’t trust just any accountant to help with a tax problem.

Our Tax Relief Process

Once you become our client you won’t have to speak to the IRS anymore. If they want information or to talk to you they will have to go through us. During the investigation phase we will be gathering information, pulling transcripts, and finding out what the IRS knows about you.

Once all the details are in place we will set up another meeting to go over your resolution options. Keep in mind you may not qualify for every program, and most often we’re not able to tell you which program you will qualify for in the first meeting.

Common Tax Problems

Federal Tax Liens
Tax liens may be filed against you, your spouse, or your company depending on how the tax liability was incurred. When you get a FTL everything you own is in jeopardy of becoming property of the government. (Read more)

Unfiled Returns
Having unfiled returns is one of the most common tax problems. It doesn’t take much in life for tax returns to not be a priority. This is something you’ll want to address quickly; failing to file your tax returns is ultimately a criminal offense. If you do not file, you can be prosecuted and punished, possibly with jail time.

Bank Levy
A levy is the IRS’s way of getting your money and your immediate attention. What they are saying is, “We have tried to communicate with you, but you have ignored us. If you own it, we can take it.” That includes bank accounts, autos, stocks, bonds, boats, pension checks, paychecks, and even Social Security checks!

Wage Garnishments
As bad as a bank levy is, a worse problem is a wage levy (or garnishment). That is when most of your paycheck goes to the IRS or State, which can often leave you barely enough to pay the bills. This can also be embaressing as they will send the request directly to your employer.

Payroll Tax Problems
One of the most serious tax problems is the failure to collect, account for, and pay to the government any payroll taxes that were, or should have been, withheld from employees. These are referred to as “trust funds” and are vigorously collected using the most aggressive tools available to the government.

Seizures of Assets
The last resort in most cases is the taking of physical assets, such as your home or car. Seizures happen in aggravated cases when someone ignores repeated requests by the IRS over a long period. This is one of the most powerful tools in the IRS arsenal.

Potential Solutions

Offer In Compromise
The idea of the Offer in Compromise program is to give you a fresh start with the IRS. The OIC is one of the best tools in the tax relief toolbox! It allows you to pay an amount you can afford regardless of the amount you owe. Once your offer is complete you are back in the good graces of the IRS!

Installment Agreement
Installment Agreements are one of the most common tax resolution solutions. This is where you can get more time to pay the tax you owe by setting up monthly payments. Having an installment agreement in place will ensure that the IRS does not proceed with any furthur collection actions like liens or levies.

Penalty Abatement
How does the IRS expect you to pay what you owe when they keep adding penalties and interest! I’m happy to tell you that in some cases it is actually possible to get some of those penalties reduced or removed all together.

Audit Representation
Nothing strikes fear more than receiving an IRS or State Audit letter in the mail. Audit Specialists are trained to get information out of taxpayers that’s why it’s important to find a qualified representitive to help you through the process.

Innocent Spouse Relief
Did you know that it’s possible to get out of the tax debt due to the tax problems created by your spouse? Innocent Spouse Relief exists to clear up situations where one spouse is clearly not responsible for the tax liability created by their spouse or former spouse.

Contrary to what you may have heard, taxes can be dischargeable in bankruptcy. Back taxes, interest, and penalties may be erased. Bankruptcy is often a last resort, but in certain cases can be the best option. I am not an attorney but can set you up with a local referral.