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Let’s face it – preparing your own income tax return can be quite a difficult task that leaves you with a lot of questions. Tax laws are extremely complicated and to make matters worse they’re constantly changing.

That’s why the IRS and the State of Idaho require us to take continuing education classes every year to make sure I’m up to date on the latest changes at the IRS and state levels.

Always Hire a Licensed Tax Preparer!

A mistake on a tax return can cause problems that linger for years. That’s why if you go to a tax chain it is crtical to ask about the qualifications of the person helping with your return. It is in your best interest to always find a licensed CPA or EA to help you with your annual tax preparation.


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“Great service, solved all of my issues quickly and explained everything in very easy to understand terms. They took all the pressure off of me to get this resolved. They also dealt with the IRS for me quickly and set up very reaonable payments with the IRS.”

Mike J. | Merdian, ID

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